Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Here are some of our favorites...

Name: Karen R.

Comment: I thought that Mack and Mancos in Ocean City, NJ had the best pizza...until i tried The Original King of Pizza. I had the plain pizza, but it was anything but plain! South Jerseyans know the best pizza, It has thin crust, plenty of cheese, and a little sauce. cooked to perfection, the crispier the better! Your pizza completely fits that description! I knew when the parking lot was full late afternoon, that the pizza had to be great and i was right! Thanks!

Name: Rusty, Jane, Jill & Rebecca

Comment: We LOVE you guys....couldn't live without the K of P every week or so. It's our family bonding time & our girls have grown up, literally, in your place....from infant seats to teenagers! Thanks for all of your hard work & most delicious pizza anywhere!!!

Name: Dennis A.

Comment: I live in Kansas City now, and will be in Cherry Hill in Feb.  Looking forward to enjoying the best pizza anywhere - and that includes John's in NYC, Luigi's in Washington DC, and Giordano's in Chicago.  I grew up in Pennsauken, graduated from Camden Catholic, and made many visits to the original King of Pizza.

Name: Pat S.

Comment: King of Pizza was part of my husband's and my first date, 3/78. We made pizza and a movie quite a habit after that and still enjoy your pizza to this day. Thanks!

Name: Christie D.

Comment: Hey All, A few years ago, we were going to a concert at the Sussquahanna Bank Ctr. When we were driving to the concert, we had to get a bite to eat. We saw your pizzaria and stopped. We have been coming back ever since. I have to say, the sausage pie is our favorite, the best we ever had. God Bless you and your family and keep up your fathers tradition. You make him proud... Thanks for a great pie.

Name: Mark E.

Comment: Best King of Pizza memories are from 1982 when myself and two other Bishop Eustace seniors from Cherry Hill would stop EVERY day on our way home from school. My order was always ONE SAU-SEEGE, ONE PLAIN, and a coke. Now the best memories are when I bring my wife and kids!

Name: Everything Tomatoes

Comment: Hi! Could you let the guys at the airport location know that I wrote a review about them. You can find the article HERE!